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Dekorativ løper i topp kvalitet fra Ekelund | Sverige.


Mål og vekt; 35x120cm | 0,20 kg
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«The Ekelund family is delighted to meet you. How can a brand which has existed over hundreds of  years continue to speak to the modern market – the contemporary consumer? In today’s throw-away society, this challenge is perhaps greater than ever. Every day we’refaced with a plethora of messages and choices, which is  why the team at Ekelund ask the burning question: how can we, a family business with roots in the 17th century, stay up to date? W e already know the answer. W ith its focus on producing high quality textiles, we know our brand, underpinned by a solid set of values, is as relevant today as ever. And we know that sustainable alternatives  are highly valued, both today and, perhaps more importantly, tomorrow. Ekelund was founded in Viskadalen, a district renowned for its tenacity, unity and entrepreneurial spirit. With manufacturing based on site here in Horred, we retain full control of every phase of production, and we are firmly committed to quality, sustainability and renewed tradition. So when these values combine with contemporary flair and a collection which reflects the times we live in, the result is a range of products which fit seamlessly into people’s everyday lives.

Our products help create beautiful, much-loved milieus which make you hanker for home.»  tekst fra https://global.ekelunds.se/en/about-us

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